The Standing Committees of this association are as follows:


The Fundraising Committee will organize, publicize (in coordination with the officers and Communications Committee), and hold fundraising activities for HCMM for the purpose of funding future HCMM shows and other club events and activities.  Examples include but are not limited to raffles, donations, yearly membership drives, silent auctions, merchandise for sale, and sponsorships.


The Volunteer Committee will be responsible for recruiting and organizing volunteers at HCMM events and for the club in general. Examples include but are not limited to show related volunteers (ribbon runners, raffle table, etc...) and recruiting and assigning volunteers to specific committees. 


The Education Committee will be responsible for creating, printing and distributing educational material for events, clinics and other club activities. Examples include but are not limited to the following: obtaining, printing and producing handouts for speakers at show seminars; setting up and organizing clinics and speakers at shows; lunch and learns at shows; brochures and pamphlets for the club in general. This committee will also be charged with planning, organizing, and conducting educational programs to benefit HCMM members.


The Hospitality Committee will be responsible for refreshments and food related activities of HCMM at shows and other events. Examples include but are not limited to the following: shopping, stocking and manning food booth at shows; providing snacks, lunch, and drinks for the judge/s; food distribution at Lunch and Learns. 


The Communications Committee will be responsible for HCMM communications including but not limited to Facebook, email, the website newsletter, newspaper articles, other show promotions and social media. This committee will also be charged with identifying and developing projects and activities to enhance the Miniature Dairy goat breeds. Recruiting new breeders and encouraging participation in HCMM programs. Coordinate website and social media content. The HCMM website will be maintained for the purpose of disseminating HCMM information, and is to be kept updated regularly, and maintained by the current webmaster.


The Constitution and Bylaws Committee will propose amendments and additions to the Constitution and Bylaws not under the jurisdiction of other committees. It will approve as to form all proposed amendments to the Constitution and upon request, review as to form all proposed amendments and additions to the Bylaws. 


Show Secretary

Show Chairman

Ring Stewards

Ribbon Handlers

The Show Committee will conduct at a minimum one MDGA sanctioned show each year.  Show duties may vary from show to show.

Duties are as follows:


          · Send in application for sanction to MDGA

          · Receive entries via online forms

          · Prepare program, including making up advertising pages

         · Check-in exhibitors before the show

          · Preside at show desk during entire show

         · Fill out official show report

          · Update official program with results and distribute 


         · Put up clearly written signs showing the way to the show barn 

          · Be responsible for every detail about show

          · Contact judges and be responsible for interacting with them (pick up at airport, motels, etc.) and be their contact person

          · Oversee entire show, and supervise all volunteers

          · Send announcements of shows to magazines, newsletters, etc.

          · Order ribbons

          · Be responsible for animal pens, and label them ahead of time

          · Have measuring stick for miniatures, bright flashlight for checking tattoos, and provide pail, water, soap and towels for hand washing


          · Make sure that all entries for the class are present

          · When judge has placed the class and is giving reasons, take down placings on official program

          · One experienced ring steward can handle all the duties, but two may be used. One for getting the animals checked in for the next class and the other to get the placings


          · Organize ribbons ahead of time

          · Hand out ribbons and awards



Margo Begy

Kerry O'Neal

Kerry O'Neal



Screaming Goat Farm

Bandera, TX

Kerry O'Neal

Kerry O'Neal

Kerry O'Neal


Vice President/Treasurer

Rafter O at Cordova Creek

Canyon Lake, TX

Karen Orth

Kerry O'Neal

Karen Orth



Texas Little Rascals Farm

Austin, TX